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Kurayoshi Figure Museum

  • Tottori

Experience the antique and the cutting edge of Cool Japan together at Kurayoshi Figure Museum!

Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture.
This district, popular for its retro streets of red-tiled, white-walled storehouses, is now gaining attention for a new attraction.
The old Meirin Elementary School, built in 1955, was Japan's oldest circular school building.
10 years ago, its role as elementary school came to an end and it closed; at one point, it was even decided it would be demolished.
However, in April 2018, it was reborn as Kurayoshi Figure Museum!
With cooperation from figure factories based in Kurayoshi City, and long-standing figure makers, this old school building was given a new lease of life as the Holy Land of Figures, also showcasing artistic Buddhist figures, and animals and insects created with the latest techniques.
Even non-anime-fans will be moved by the exquisite detail of these figures!

Beyond visual appreciation, there is also a hands-on area where you can touch and play with figures, and an area set up with diorama backgrounds for photoshoots.
In addition, the circular school building itself stands unchanged, offering invaluable architectural insight.
You can experience the fresh, yet somehow nostalgic, atmosphere of not only the exterior, which can be considered a symbol of modernist architecture, but also the central spiral staircase, and the classrooms arranged around it in a formation reminiscent of baumkuchen.
As a pilgrim of figures, you can experience the forefront of Japanese craftsmanship, while exploring the inside of an important architectural structure.
We believe that all visitors will find a reason to smile in child-like wonder at Kurayoshi Figure Museum.
We also recommend enjoying Kurayoshi's famous Yonezawa Taiyaki while strolling through the retro streets, or taking a short trip of around 20 minutes by car to relax in Misasa Onsen's world-renowned radium hot springs.

Kurayoshi Figure Museum Official Website
https://enkei-museum.com/ (Japanese only)

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